Talking Berlusconi: I'm back!

Forward Italy!

Ciao! Talking Berlusconi is here to entertain you like presidents Putin and Obama.
In the main scene you are in Mr. Berlusconi’s private office with a window view straight to Pisa tower and other presidents tease him right from behind of his window.
Several minigames are included and added regularly.


- Scenes with participation of other famous politicians,
- Make Mr. Berlusconi react on your screen taps and voice,
- Meet and have fun with Mr. Berlusconi on the beach.
- Play “Film! Film! Film!" and find Berlusconi in frames,
- Make “Flying Berlusconi” go as far as possible,
- Find smiles in “Funny Face” game,
- Train your brain with the help of our memory game,

Earn more coins and unlock more mini games.




Iphone/Ipad/Ipod touch, Android